Our Animals

Welcome to Buffalo Animal Adventures, Explorer - I'm Max!  I suppose you're a Human since you're surfing the web; I am a Blue & Yellow Macaw Parrot.  My species can be found in the forest, woodland, and savannah of tropical South America.  We can chat your language if you give us the time to learn.  I get a little shy talking with people I initially meet, but soon you'd see, I'm quite a chatter-box!  Enough about me... check out some of the rest of my friends at BAA!

Our Cast of Creatures represents over 175 different species from all over the world!

Some of our Cast of Creatures...


Colorado River Toad



There are several glands on the back and legs of the Colorado River Toad that produce a poison capable of paralyzing or killing a dog


Von Der Deckens Hornbill


Mexican Red Knee Tarantula


Arctic Fox


Black Throated Monitor

"It's a WILD day at BAA! How can we help you!?"