K-12 Classroom Visits

Teachers and Administrators

Many schools in Western New York have limited budgets for field trips and experiential learning.  Buffalo Animal Adventures is proud to partner with several local schools to help meet the visual and experiential learning needs of many science students in a fun and affordable way!  Our programs are themed by our curricula of lesson plans.  These lesson plans are specifically designed to enhance and reinforce current K-12 curricula guidelines set forth by the New York State Board of Education.


Africa  ∙  Amphibian Life Cycle  ∙  Amphibians Adaptations and Functions  ∙  Animal Adaptations  ∙  Animal Defense Mechanisms  ∙  Australia Asia  ∙  Bees  ∙  Creepy Crawly  ∙  Deforestation  ∙  Desert Ecosystems  ∙  Domestication  ∙  Endangered and Threatened Species and Extinction  ∙  Eurasia  ∙  Food Chains and Food Webs  ∙  Fresh Water Ecosystems  ∙  Genetics  ∙  Grasslands Ecosystem  ∙  Intro to Nature and Wildlife  ∙  Invasive species  ∙  Madagascar  ∙  Mountain Ecosystems  ∙  Nocturnal Species  ∙  North America  ∙  Overpopulation and Use of Resources  ∙  Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Cycle  ∙  Plants  ∙  Pollution  ∙  Predator and Prey Relations  ∙  Rainforest Importance  ∙  Rainforest Tiers  ∙  South America  ∙  Taigi Ecosystems  ∙  Temperate Forests Ecosystems  ∙  Toxins  ∙  Tundra Ecosystems


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